Christ Centered Martial Arts

Traditional Martial Arts taught in a Christian Atmosphere


Quotes My name is ContessaLong. I am a Christian who loves the Lord with all my heart. I learned of CCMA from some dear friends of ours who go there. My husband and I enrolled our son after a couple of weeks to see if he was going to like it. I was so amazed at the atmosphere. The Lord meets us there at every practice. I love how Master Robbie conducts his classes. The focus is always on Jesus. Most weeks this is the most fellowship that I get and we love it. I have never seen our son so pumped up to learn. His eyes are just full of ambition. My husband and I are just so happy with all that they teach and do here. I am overjoyed that even though my son is learning karate, he still remains in his faith knowing that Christ is the beginning and end to ALL things. CCMA STANDS OUT BECAUSE OF THAT. Thanks Robbie and Lisa. Yall are God Sent! Quotes
Contessa Long

Quotes My name is Barbara Nigh and I have enrolled my grandson, Hunter in Christ Centered Martial Arts. The name of the place is what attracted me to begin with as I am a Christian also. Hunter has a form of Muscular Dystrophy and has never been able to play sports, however this is something he is able to participate in and Master Robert and his wife are awesome with Hunter! I praise God for finding Christ Centered Martial Arts! Quotes
Barbara Nigh
My Grandson...Hunter

Quotes CCMA is a awesome dojo! Here you have mulitiple opportunities to workout in a family friendly environment. Sensei Robbie and Larry are not only concerned about your physical health but your spiritual needs as well. They are always more than happy to take additional time out of their busy schedules to give you that one on one time when needed. I would recommend CCMA to anyone that wants to have a life changing experience in the martial arts. Quotes
Bruce Conley

Quotes I would like to thank God for putting Master Leamon back into my life and for allowing me to be a part of CCMA. Not only has Master Leamon been a great Instructor but also a great friend and brother in Christ. It is an honor to be able to train under his leadership both physically and spiritually. I believe in our schools at CCMA and believe that God is greatly moving. Quotes
Larry R. Chasteen
1st Dan

Quotes My experience with CCMA has been one of the most rewarding events in my life. To witness God moving in a "mighty" way in our Dojo and in our student's individual lives is a testimony in itself. I am thankful for a husband who is willing to listen to God's call and not be afraid to take a stand for what is right "reaching others for Christ". WOW even through martial arts you can win's not just about training your physical self, it's about training your spiritual self! Quotes
Lisa Leamon
2nd DAN

Quotes I want to lift you up for all that you do. I know it cannot be easy sometimes but you are doing your thing- Doing Gods thing. Yall are such an inspiration to everyone you teach and everyone who walks through CCMA's door. I thank you for letting your light shine. I love you guys more then you know. Thank you for your obedience and prayer. We love you. Quotes
Sensei Robbie and Sensei Lisa

Quotes I have known Robbie for twenty years about 3 years ago I needed a prayer partner for a study at church,so I asked him if he would be interested, we now meet most Fridays for breakfast to talk about how God has blessed our lives. I don't know much about Martial Arts but if God has blessed him to teach karate as he has blessed me to have a friend like Robbie then he must be one of the best. Quotes
mike runyon
co worker and brother in Christ

Quotes My name is Mehgan Legg, I heard of Christ Centered Martial Arts by Peggy Johns she was telling me about what Robert and Lisa were trying to get started. At first I was interested for my boyfriend Aaron Buff he had been talking about trying to get into Martial Arts for awhile so I told him about it and he started taking! A few weeks later he convienced me to come to class and try it out!!!! I did and I love it so much!! the atmosphere was amazing as soon as you step inside the Christ Centered Martial Arts Dojo its like being around people you have known your whole life. Now I see everyone there as my family a family that will continue to grow and show everyone what GOD can do!! I am extremely Blessed to be a student at CCMA all I can do is grow and learn!!! 'I can do all thing through christ who strengthens me' - Phil 4 13 Quotes

Quotes my name is kayla and i am Robbies daughter. No mater what my dad has always reminded me to follow GOD. My dad and Lisa are wonderful people and they always no matter what let GOD take care of everything. i love you daddy and i think this is an amazing thing you are doing! Quotes
Kayla Leamon
My Dad