Christ Centered Martial Arts

Traditional Martial Arts taught in a Christian Atmosphere

    CCMA Belt Ranking System

10th White Belt

9th Yellow Belt

8th Orange Belt

7th Orange Belt

6th Green Belt

Purple Belt

5th Blue Belt

4th Blue Belt

3rd Brown Belt

2nd Red Belt

1st Red Belt

Black Belt


  Beginner Belt Rank



Intermediate Rank



  Advanced Belt Rank


 1st DAN Black Belt

Little Warrior Program:

Children ages 5-8 begin in our CCMA Little Warrior program. The LW ranking system is slightly different in that our LW's get a stripe on their belt each day they attend class. This type of program helps children learn discipline and structure while having fun!

CCMA classes consist of:


Warm up / Stretching techniques

Forms (Hyungs, Katas) 

Fighting / Sparring (with protective gear)

Non-contact Sparring (Drills)




Self - Defense Training 

One-Step Fighting

Blocks, Locks, and Throws

Basic / Advanced Techniques

Bag kicking and punching

Tournament Competition demonstration and simulation

Scripture/Prayer/Prayer Requests

Children must maintain a satisfactory grade average in agreement with their parent(s) to continue to train. Once their grades are acceptable, training can resume.