Christ Centered Martial Arts

Traditional Martial Arts taught in a Christian Atmosphere




     Sensei Robert Leamon currently holds Grandmaster level in CCMA. Sensei started his martial arts journey at the age of 14. He received his initial martial arts training under the direct leadership of Sensei Ben Kiker and Sensei Mitzi Jeter of United Karate Studios. Sensei Robert also holds a 2nd DAN in Filippino style martial arts under the instruction of Sensei Felix Pagan.  Sensei Robert has competed in several full-contact kickboxing events and competed on Team USA/IAKSA. One highlight of his martial arts career was competing with Team USA in the IAKSA Kickboxing World Championships held in Birmingham, England. Sensei Robert has competed in numerous local and non-local martial arts events. One of his goals has always been to encourage his students to excel to the best of their ability. This encouragement is not only in martial arts training, but also with "life" issues.

    Sensei Robert's CREED is: "I will not do anything to disrespect or dishonor my Sensei. I will not do anything to disrespect or dishonor my Dojo. I will walk with the fore knowledge that Christ is my stregth and I can do all things through Christ who stregthens me (Philippians 4:13). I will not do anything to disrespect or dishonor myself (Proverbs 3:5-6). My intent is to focus on instructing and also to lead with a Godly attitude in a Godly atmosphere."

     Sensei Robert is married to Sensei Lisa and together they have 6 children, 10 grandchildren. Sensei Robert stays very active in his church, Emmaus Baptist. In their spare time, the Leamons enjoy riding their motorcycle and having a Friday night movie and popcorn night with the kids.


     Sensei Lisa currently holds a 4th DAN in CCMA under the direct training and leadership of Sensei Robert Leamon. Sensei Lisa's initial martial arts training was achieved through United Karate Studios under Robert Leamon, Mitzi Jeter, and Ben Kiker.

    Sensei Lisa's background in martial arts training involves Katas and Bo Staff Katas. She too has competed in numerous martial arts tournaments and has won "Grand Champion" in a tournament as a Black Belt and 5th Blue Belt Rank . She has received "most points" in the NASKA ratings and "most dedicated" student award during her martial arts career. Sensei Lisa is married to Sensei Robert and is the Co-Founder of CCMA.


Sensei Tony is married to Kim and they have 2 sons who also train at CCMA in Dalton. 

 Sensei Tony currenly holds a 3rd DAN in CCMA under the direct training and leadership of Sensei Robert Leamon. Sensei Tony's initial martial arts training was achieved  through United Karate Studios under Robert Leamon, Mitzi Jeter, and Ben Kiker. Sensei Tony has competed in numerous martial arts events. 

Sensei Tony is the Pastor of Casey Springs Methodist Church and incorporates theology in his martial arts instruction. He enlists each student to "think about" the application of their martial arts techniques. This method of teaching encourages the students to put into practice what they are taught in their everyday lives. Self-defense training is a passion of Sensei Tony's.  


Sensei Elizabeth currently holds a 3rd DAN in CCMA under the training and leadership of Sensei Robert Leamon. Sensei Elizabeth started her martial arts training with Jesse Thornton's United Karate Studios in Ringgold, GA. She received her 1st Gup rank in 2002 but felt that Father God was telling her to quit karate. After much debating and praying, she decided to obey.

In 2011, Abba opened the door for Sensei Elizabeth to bein martial arts again with CCMA. Despite being a Christian since a child and being in ministry alongside her husband for 30 years. Sensei Elizabeth was in a dark place spiritually, feeling very unloved and abandoned by Abba. She realized that CCMA was a gift from Abba and that He was showing her He did indeed love her and hadn't abandoned her. Through CCMA she has received much spiritual, mental, and emotional healing, which continues even as the situation and circumstances that led to the spiritual darkness remain much the same.

"There is not a time that I leave the dojo that I have failed to feel empowered, encouraged, that I've learned something new and/or improved upon something and with the knowledge that Abba has been with me."

Sensei Elizabeth has a rare autoimmune disease, Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS), Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and a crooked back. With Sensei Robert and Sensei Lisa's understanding, patience and a few adjustments, her love for martial arts has been renewed and the workouts have helped her physically. Though in pretty bad pain 24/7, martial arts has helped her tremendously with staying off some of the other problems of her illnesses.

It is her dream to help others especially those with limitations of any kind to achieve what she has and even more; to encourage them to set new goals and meet them. It is also her dream to creatively express her faith through CCMA and martial arts and to bring glory and appreciation to Abba.

Sensei Elizabeth and her husband Stephen (who suports her in her desire to do martial arts) have three sons who also continue to encourage Sensei in her dreams.

Favorite quote (came with encouragement from a friend): "Remember every kick is building your testimony to Him who gives you strength. Every punch says 'with Him all things are possible.'" Cynthia Norris.    


Sensei Jameson Bearden, currently holds a 1st DAN rank. Sensei Jameson received his initial martial arts training under the leadership of Sensei Robert Leamon.

Sensei has competed and placed in numerous martial arts tournaments and during his primary training was voted Most Dedicated student by his peers.

Sensei Jameson has one son Grayson. They reside in Dalton. Jameson is the son of Sensei Robert and Lisa Leamon. He is currently pursuing his career at Southeastern Freight and taking care of his family. 



 Sensei Susan currently holds a 2nd DAN in CCMA. Susan came to CCMA as an established Black Belt since the age of 16.  She has competed and placed in various tournaments over her martial arts career.  She is married to George and they reside in Chatsworth, GA with their 4 children who are also involved in martial arts training. 









Sensei Steve currently holds a 1st DAN in CCMA. Sensei's primary training started at Ben Kiker's UKS, but completed his 1st DAN at CCMA under the direct supervision of Sensei Robert Leamon.   Sensei Steve resides in Dalton, GA with his wife Tracy. This is a photo during Sensei Steve's 1st DAN test!


Riley Greene earned his CCMA 1st DAN Black Belt at the age of 13. Riley received this honor after several years of hard work and training. Riley began his training in martial arts with CCMA and is one of our 1st students to have completed the journey from "no belt" to Black Belt under the tutelage of Sensei Robert Leamon.  Riley and his dad Mark received tested and received their Black Belts from CCMA at the same exact time. What an accomplishment to have a Father/Son team receive this honor together!

Riley has competed in numerous tournaments winning many trophies and also received an Alabama State Championship jacket from the Alabama Karate Circuit while competing as a Blue Belt rank. Riley was one of CCMA's first S.W.A.T leaders during his underbelt training.

Riley attends Southeast High School and is an active member of the Quiz Bowl Team. Riley resides in Dalton, GA with his parents Mark and Kim Greene and brother Ethan.


Mark Greene currently holds a 1st DAN as a CCMA Black Belt. Like his son Riley, Mark began training from "no belt" to Black under Sensei Robert Leamon.

Mark has competed in numerous martial arts tournaments. During his Blue Belt rank, Mark won the Alabama Karate Circuit's prestigious award of State Champion and was presented with a Championship jacket for this honor.

Mark works fulltime but also has a thriving photography business in the community called MERK Photography

And when he's not busy with that you can find Mark and his wife Kim at Pintage Antique Market in Calhoun. Visit their booth!

Mark is married to Kim Baldridge Greene and they have 2 sons Ethan and Riley who are also CCMA Black Belts. Their family resides in Dalton.  



Ethan Greene received his CCMA 1st DAN Black Belt rank in January 2015 achieving this honor after years of training under Sensei Robert Leamon.  During Ethan's martial arts training at Blue Belt level, he was presented with the Alabama Karate Circuit's State Championship award and received a Championship jacket for this honor!

Ethan has dedicated many hours to ALL types of sports and is a well rounded athlete having excelled in football, wrestling and track, but Ethan's love is Martial Arts! He is currently pursuing his kickboxing training under the tutelage of Sensei Robert.

Ethan graduated from Southeast High School and is currently in college and resides in Dalton, GA with his parents Mark and Kim Greene and brother Riley.


Sensei Sara Johnson came to CCMA after receiving her initial training from Jesse Thornton's UKS and then transferred to another school in which she earned her Black Belt.  Sara along with her daughter Rebecca (also a CCMA BB), Benjamin and Thomas have been working very diligently to incorporate our curriculum into their training. Sara is a great asset to CCMA and we love having her on board!




Sensei Rebecca Johnson, like her mom Sara, received her initial training at Jessie Thornton's United Karate Studio in Ringgold and later transferred to another program where she received her 1st DAN Black Belt. Rebecca and Sara were officially inducted into our CCMA family. Rebecca has stepped up to the plate taking a leadership role in our program by teaching the Little Warrior classes. These classes are typically for children ages 4 to 8 years old. She has done an exceptional job integrating these classes into her personal training. "Becca" certainly appears to have a bright future in CCMA and martial arts! Excited to have her among our 1st DANs.


Sensei Tony Lewis began his martial arts training under GM Robert Leamon starting as a "no belt" and has definitely been one of the Most Dedicated students at CCMA. It was with great honor on December 5, 2016 that Sensei Tony was presented with his 1st DAN CCMA Black Belt. During his training with Christ Centered Martial Arts Tony has received numerous recognitions including Alabama State Champion, Most Competitive and Most Dedicated student of the year. He also is the very 1st student to receive our most prestigious award titled Sensei's Honor Award. Sensei Tony is the only CCMA student to have ever completed over 300 classes in a 12 month period. Sensei Tony is a mentor to other students during classes which shows dedication and initiative. Sensei Tony is also one of the hardest "workers" at CCMA always giving selfishly of his time to help out with whatever he is asked to do. Tony and his wife Mary reside in Ringgold, Georgia and have 2 married daughters and 2 beautiful grandchildren. 




The Christ Centered Logo/Design was prayed over diligently prior to its creation by Sensei Robert Leamon and Sensei Tony Abernathy.                 

The symbol in the center is called a Chi-Rho. The most popular version of the history of the Chi-Rho is of a battle and victory when Constantine saw a vision of this symbol in the sky at night and heard the words that mean "in this sign conquer". The next morning Constantine had his soldiers put the Chi-Rho on their shields and later that same day he was victorious against his enemy.

The 3 triangles that surround the Chi-Rho symbol have significant meaning:

The outer Red triangle symbolizes the Blood of Jesus Christ that was shed on the cross for our sins. Everything must come under the blood

The middle White triangle symbolizes Purity. The kind of Purity only Christ can give when He washes your sins away and makes you a new creation in Him.

The inner Blue triangle symbolizes the Peace that Jesus gives when you become one of His children.

These 3 colors also represent Freedom because they are the symbolic colors of our Nation...Red, White, and Blue.

The Holy Trinity is represented in each point in the Triangle. 

  • The top point represents God the Father - the Godhead
  • The bottom left point represents the Son  - Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior who sits on the right hand of the Father
  • The bottom right point represents the Holy Ghost - the Spirit of Truth and Conviction