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Traditional Martial Arts taught in a Christian Atmosphere

Jessie Thornton's Battle of Champions - June 10, 2017 in Ringgold, GA

Ben Kiker's UKS Ellijay Tournament - May 6, 2017

Congrats to Siti and Christian who competed! Great job :)

Cookeville Tournament

Competitors excelled at the tournament in Baxter TN this post Saturday, August 7. Congratulations to ALL! 

UPdates to Calendar for Tournament info...

Refer to CCMA Calendar for upcoming Tournament events. Please come out and support our competitors as often as you can!

Kevin Sawyers and Logan are competing today (March 13) in Alabama. GOOD LUCK guys....we are proud of you!

Congratulations CCMA Competitors

 Jessie Thornton's UKS Battle of Champions was a HUGE Victory!!! So proud of ALL of our students!

Ethan Greene - fight coach

Ryan Cloer - 1st fighting, 1st continuous fighting, 2nd forms

Tony Lewis-1st fighting, 3rd forms

Marlon Burk-3rd forms, 3rd fighting, 5th weapons

Mason Holland- 1st forms, 2nd fighting, 5th weapons

Amanda Holland-1St Forms, 2Nd-fighting,4th Weapons

Sensei Lisa Leamon

Sensei Robert Leamon

Not pictured:

Sensei Elizabeth Doss

Robbie Liningfelter-4th fighting, 5th forms

Will Liningfelter-5th forms, 5th fighting

Jay Talley-5th forms, 5th fighting

Jeremy Thompson-4th forms, 5th fighting   

Top 10 Points You Should Know About Tournament Competition

1Dobok (Uniform) ....should be kept neat and clean.

2Arrive early...this allows for registration and helps you not be rushed.  

3. Stay close to your division ring....after you locate your ring, stay close so as not to miss your division call.

4.  DO NOT be LATE for your division....most judges will not wait!

5.  Listen for Announcements.....these are usually loud enough, but pay attention, they may apply to you.

6.  Remember Your Number the judges assign you.

7.  Listen closely to the rules or information that the judges may give you prior to the event.

8.  NEVER TURN your Back on the Judges while entering the ring or exiting the ring.

9.  Don't Stop and Restart....while performing your kata/form. Continue doing your form the best you can without showing that you made a mistake.

10.'s all about having fun!

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